Carbon Footprint Touchbase Lamp

Stef Storey

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Translucent porcelain when lit casts a warm glow, by imprinting thin sheets of porcelain a lithophane is created telling the following story.

The Carbon Footprint Tea light was designed for an RSA Lighting Competition and tells the story of the major phases the Earth has undergone since its creation.
At the beginning, as depicted at the base of the lamp, you will see the stars of the universe and thin DNA stands – the beginning of creation.
The fossils and plant forms imprinted, represents nature beginning to take hold of the planet.
Midway up the vessel is the era of the Great Industrial Revolution – look carefully and you can see the cogs and wheels that drove the industrial machines!
The next phase of man’s impact on the earth is the impressed parts of circuit boards – this represents the Micro Chip era with nature still managing to prevail, represented by the butterfly.
The Footprints in the sand are poignant - the impact of our carbon footprint on this planet is unknown and will lead us to a future of uncertainty?

  • Height 27cm width 10.5cm
  • Lamps have been professionally tested and certified as compliant with UK safety standards 
  • Lamp Flex 60cm long with a 3amp plug
  • Included a 60W E14 candle bulb
  • Polished chrome touch base lamp - by simply touching the base of the lamp the light can be turned on/off or dimmed.

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